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Ocean Shipping LCL
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Ocean Shipping LCL
LCL stands for less than a container load and describes sea shipping for cargo loads not large enough to fill a full 20ft or 40ft shipping container. Since LCL shipments fill less than a full 20ft or 40ft shipping container, these are grouped with other cargo.
The benefits of shipping LCL:
 When you ship LCL, you pay only for the volume you need – not a flat rate as with FCL.

 Shipping smaller packages more frequently means spending less on inventory warehousing space.

 LCL is cheaper than air freight, so if you have some time to wait for your shipment, you can lower shipping costs.

 When container capacity is limited, for example during peak season or other periods of high shipping volume, LCL can be easier to find and faster than FCL.
The drawbacks of shipping LCL:
 LCL shipments need to be loaded and unloaded from containers, which adds a few days to the journey.

 LCL shipments are more expensive per cubic meter than FCL – sometimes even twice as much.

 Other shipments’ customs delays may cause your goods to be delayed along with them.

 LCL goods are handled more, which increases the chances of damage or loss.
LCL Shipping Costs
LCL cost is calculated primarily by volume, usually in cubic meters (CBM). The more space you need, the more you pay.

Weight is also taken into account when determining LCL shipping costs, but because container ships can handle huge amounts of weight, volume usually matters more to overall costs.

LCL price quotes from freight forwarders include the following:

Pickup: The cost of picking up your shipment from the warehouse or factory.

Origin: LCL shipments need to be loaded onto containers along with other shipments, or consolidated, at a Container Freight Station, or CFS. This is sometimes referred to as container stuffing.

Main leg: The cost of the sea journey. Although this is the main leg of the shipment, it may not be the most expensive part. In certain instances, charges at the CFS can be very significant because they require significant machine and manpower.

Destination: Upon arrival in the destination country, LCL shipments need to stop at a CFS for deconsolidation, or unstuffing.

Delivery: The cost of trucking your goods to the destination warehouse.
Advantage Shipping Company
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Advantage Route
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