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Ocean Shipping FCL
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Ocean Shipping FCL
FCL describes sea shipping for cargo loads large enough to fill a 20' or 40' shipping container. Unlike LCL – less than a container load – where shipments share container space with other goods, FCL shipments use the entire container.
When you have large volume cargo, of course you need reduced the cost for shipping.
Prefer sea freight? We offer freight-through-water services, connecting all the major container ports in the world. Be it Full Container Load (FCL) or Less than Container Load (LCL), leave your shipping worries to us.

With our extensive relations with shipping lines, like :KMTC、SKR、COSCO、RCL、EMC、YML、WHL、IAL、ZIM、PIL、HAL、HMM、ONE、MSC、SITC、CMA、 SNL、NBOSCO , we provide a wide range of tailor-made ocean freight solutions with the best transit times and flexible scheduling to best suit your needs.

Regardless of your business size, our dedicated implementation units will ensure a quick introduction to our systems, while with our technologically forward systems, you can easily track the current status of your ocean-bound shipments.

if you do not want tracking your goods online , Just sent us E-mails , Our logistics experts will check it and sent you e-mails .
The Types and Sizes of Containers
To save your cost, normally we are exporting our Large volume Goods by full container loading. The most common container types we use are 20GP and 40HQ containers.
The Differences between GP and HQ Containers
Why do We Advise You Order by FCL (Full Container Loading) 
Rather Than LCL (Less Than Container Loading)?
 Save Your Freight Cost – FCL just meets the minimum unit of customs inspection, customs sealing and release of exporting and importing countries. What’s more, it reduces manpower and time in LCL.
 Convenient Operation – FCL doesn’t need to coordinate the LCL of different goods from other companies.
 Protect Your Products from Damage during Transportation – FCL avoids damage caused by goods of different companies during loading and discharge.
Reefer Container
Reefer Container is a short form for Refrigerated Container.
Simply put, reefer containers are big fridges that are used to transport temperature-controlled cargoes. Some cargoes may need to be shipped chilled or frozen or in controlled temperatures. Such as vaccines, drugs, seafood, fruits, etc,Reefer containers have the ability to maintain the cargo at the required temperatures for the duration of the transit.
If you have demand for reefer container, we can arrange for you.
Buying a second-hand Container
If you want to buy the second-hand container together with your goods (means you don’t need to return the container to the shipping company after goods arrival), we can also arrange it for you per your requirement. For example, a 30% or 50% new container. We can buy second-hand containers from any port in China.
Advantage Shipping Company
Our company maintains close cooperation with many global mainstream shipping companies such as KMTC, SKR, COSCO, RCL, EMC, YML, WHL, IAL, ZIM, PIL, HAL, HMM, ONE, MSC, SITC, CMA, SNL, NBOSCO, etc. , can directly confirm the price with the shipping company, has the agency qualification of multiple shipping companies, and enjoys the direct booking right of the shipping company.
Advantage Route
Our company has the resource advantages of shipowners in mainstream shipping prepaid markets such as Southeast Asia routes, India-Pakistan routes, Middle East Red Sea routes, European and black routes, African routes, South American routes, and US-Canada routes.
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