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What Are The Modes of Air Transportation?
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What Are The Modes of Air Transportation?

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The specific operation methods of strong-standard air transportation mainly include: flight transportation, charter transportation, centralized consignment method; air emergency delivery, cash on delivery method, air transportation method, etc.

1. A flight refers to an aircraft that sets sail, routes, departure stations, passing stations and destination stations on a scheduled basis. Its biggest feature is that it can accurately grasp the departure and arrival time.

2. Charter transportation means that an airline or charter agency rents the entire aircraft or a part of the space to the charterer (cabin) according to the conditions and rates agreed in advance with the lessor, from one or several airports. Departure to designated destination. Generally speaking, the freight of charter flights (cabin) is lower than that of flights, but the scope of activities is smaller.

3. The centralized consignment method refers to the way in which the air freight forwarding company combines several batches of scattered goods shipped separately into a whole batch and consigns them to the airline. Fill out a master waybill and send it to the same arrival station, and then the air freight forwarding company will entrust a local agent to receive the goods and distribute them to the actual consignee. The biggest feature of this method is that it can obtain lower freight prices than sporadic consignment, and it reduces the cumbersomeness of cargo owners to handle consignment by themselves.

4. Air emergency transportation is air express delivery. This method is particularly suitable for the fast transportation of urgently needed items, medical equipment, valuables, drawings, key components, samples, documents and other small items, and adapts to the fast-paced needs of modern society.

5. The cash on delivery method is an agreement reached in advance between the consignor or its agent and the carrier. When the goods arrive at the destination and are handed over to the consignee, the carrier will pay on behalf of the consignor or its agent. Collecting the price of the goods recorded on the air waybill and then sending it to the consignor or its agent is a payment collection business. The air freight, declared value fee and handling fee are prepaid by the consignor or paid by the consignee at the destination.

6. The use of container transportation in air transportation is a general trend. However, due to the special shape of the aircraft cabin, in addition to the standard containers that can be used in the cargo holds of large aircraft, non-standard containers with different sizes, volumes, and shapes are generally used. The main purpose of using container transportation is to improve transportation efficiency, save packaging, and facilitate turnover.


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