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Ship to Amzon FBA
FBA is Amazon's logistics and distribution service, It is also synonymous with the service of Amzon sellers to Amazon warehouse (referring to the delivery from China to an Amazon FBA warehouse). Amazon FBA's first journey is not as simple as warehousing and delivery. FBA services include the pre-sale, after-sales and return and exchange services of FBA orders. Because Amazon is not responsible for customs clearance and delivery to the FBA warehouse, the seller should be responsible for the logistics service before entering the Amazon FBA warehouse, which is the so-called FBA first journey - Ship to Amzon FBA .
What are the characteristics of FBA's first service?
1. Diversified, suitable for the FBA first leg of various products: If you are in a hurry to replenish, you can use a courier first leg or an air first leg; If you value the cost, you can use the first sea voyage.

2. Personalization to reduce the risk of FBA inventory backlog caused by slow sales: Products stored in FBA warehouses are associated with accounts, and the same products cannot be sold under multiple accounts. This is likely to cause the same products to be sold out in some FBA warehouses, but not in other warehouses. The use of FBA's first overseas warehouse and subsequent batch transfer can effectively avoid the above risks and help you maximize profits.

3. Saving the first cost: The first shipping service of domestic FBA logistics is specially designed for B2C cross-border e-commerce sellers. Compared with the traditional LCL service, the starting volume is lower, the charging items are simpler, and the overall cost is lower, which can help businesses significantly reduce the first cost of FBA.

4. Assist in customs clearance and reduce the risk of customs clearance: using FBA's first overseas company will help you complete customs clearance and prevent the high return costs caused by the forced return of goods.
There are three main modes of FBA's first journey transportation: air transport, sea transport and international express.
1. Air transportation
Air freight refers to a logistics mode in which the freight forwarder directly delivers goods by air to the destination country through its own channels, and then the freight forwarder's cooperative delivery agency in the destination country delivers goods on behalf of the freight forwarder. If the FBA's first journey is transported by air, the cost will be relatively expensive, and there will be a fixed flight time. It will arrive in Europe in about 10 days. The reason for the relatively long air transportation time is that airlines need to consolidate or arrange bulk cargo in order to save transportation costs, which can delay some time. In terms of safety, it is relatively safe for FBA to use air transportation in the first journey.

The whole process of air transportation is as follows: domestic receipt → picking up → inspection → customs declaration → air transportation to the destination → customs clearance → notification of express delivery → delivery and warehousing. If the first flight of FBA is carried by air, the cost will be relatively expensive, and there will be a fixed flight time, which will arrive about 10 days after the flight to Europe Will arrive.

2. Sea transportation
Shipping by sea is much cheaper than air freight, so many Amazon sellers prefer shipping by sea. The logistics efficiency of sea transportation will be affected by natural weather and other factors, resulting in a longer transportation time. Generally, it will take about 40 days to arrive by sea to the United States, 30 days to the west of the United States, 35 days to the middle of the United States and 40 days to the east of the United States.

The shipping process includes: the buyer prepares Amazon FBA products and related documents → booking → releasing → arranging trailer → arranging customs declaration → confirming release → sending express to Amazon FBA warehouse. Compared with air transportation, the cost performance of sea transportation is relatively high, but the efficiency is also very slow.

3. International express
Compared with sea and air transportation, international express is the shortest transportation time. Some can arrive in Europe in only one week, and the time is very fast. However, the price also varies according to different logistics providers.
FBA Head Course Precautions
1. When selecting FBA's first service transportation mode, the seller needs to consider both timeliness and its own capital turnover to reduce costs.

2. In addition to the choice of delivery method, the seller should also consider the weight of the goods when selecting the goods. If the volume of the goods is large, the seller should consider combining the delivery method with the heavier goods to avoid the extra freight costs caused by the heavy volume.

3. It is suggested to try to use multiple modes of transportation at the same time, try to ensure that your products are not out of stock, can continue to bring you income and profits, and reduce transportation costs.

4. Before sending the first FBA shipment, the seller must first understand the policies and barriers of the country where the selected FBA warehouse is located, so as to make sufficient preparation for the first FBA shipment.
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