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Detailed Explanation of International Logistics Air Freight Process
Home » News » Detailed Explanation of International Logistics Air Freight Process

Detailed Explanation of International Logistics Air Freight Process

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International logistics and air transportation are an integral part of modern international trade. It is designed to move goods efficiently and safely to meet demand worldwide. This article will introduce the process of international logistics air freight in detail to help readers understand its full picture.

First of all, the process of international logistics air transportation can be divided into the following steps:

1. Preparation stage: Before carrying out international logistics air transportation, sufficient preparations must be made. This includes correctly filling in the export operator registration form, customs declaration form, invoice and other related documents. At the same time, the goods are carefully packed and marked to ensure that they will not be damaged during transportation.

2. Receiving goods: Receiving goods is the first step in the entire process. After the goods are delivered to the warehouse, the staff will accept and record the goods. They will check the quantity, quality and appearance of the goods to ensure they meet shipping requirements.

3. Booking space and booking flights: Once the goods have been received, the next step is to book space and book flights. This step requires working with the airline or freight forwarder to select the appropriate flight and cabin, and arrange the transportation time of the goods.

4. Customs declaration procedures: Before the goods are transported, customs declaration procedures are also required. This is a very important step and requires compliance with relevant national and regional regulations. Customs declaration procedures include filling out customs declaration forms, submitting relevant documents, paying customs duties, etc.

5. Cargo loading and safety inspection: Before cargo is loaded, safety inspection is required. Staff will carefully inspect the goods to ensure that they do not contain illegal, dangerous or contraband items. Once it passes security inspection, the cargo will be loaded onto the aircraft, secured and protected to prevent damage during transport.

6. Transportation and tracking: Once the cargo is loaded, the plane will take off and begin transportation. At this stage, the transportation and tracking of the goods are very important. Freight forwarders will provide cargo tracking services so that you can know the location and transportation status of the goods at any time.

7. Customs clearance and delivery: Once the goods arrive at the destination, customs clearance procedures are required. This includes steps such as filling in the import declaration form and paying customs duties. Once customs clearance is completed, the goods will be delivered to the consignee.

To sum up, international logistics air transport is a complex and precise process that requires close cooperation and strict management of all links. International logistics air freight can be successfully completed only if each step is well prepared and the safe and timely transportation of the goods is ensured.


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